Women: The Most Beautiful Creation Of God

Loving Mother
Loving Mother
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It was a hot sunny day. I was roaming with my family in the market. Suddenly, a stranger came and asked my mom “What happened to your son?” She didn’t answer.

It was a party at some relatives place. Me being a disabled kid, other kids used to stare at me and she used to protect me from their prying eyes without saying or expressing anything.

It was my interview on television. The reporter insisted my mom to come on the camera. She pushed my dad ahead but herself stayed back. I could make out easily that she did this because she is emotional about me and is never able to control her tears when talking about me.

You all must be wondering why I am writing all this. I am writing all this because the topic of my write-up today is “WOMEN: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATION OF GOD“.

Synonym of Sacrifice

A woman is a synonym of sacrifice. Though I won’t say that fathers or men are not as loving and sacrificing as women are, but that is a feeling which some daughters can express in a better way. But why I say this is because a woman sacrifices everything but keeps a smile on her beautiful lips. You will never realise how many sacrifices she has done to keep you and the whole family up. I always say that “A woman is the most beautiful creation of God, not only on physical aspects, but certainly on every aspect“.

Understanding a Woman

It is very difficult to say when a woman really feels happy. It is because of her sacrificing nature. But I would say that it is not that difficult either. You know, a woman is very easy to understand. Yes, you would call me crazy on saying that, but it’s true. There are not many stairs but only one stepped stair, going through her beautiful eyes to her wonderful heart. But what makes her complex to understand is our inability to conquer her heart and being blinded by materialistic aspects more and treating her merely as a sex symbol. But she is much more beyond that. So basically we lose the right vision to understand her.

As I said, the most revealing part of a woman that un-hides her feelings is her eyes. I always try to observe the eyes of my female friends and known. I have been doing this experiment for the last couple of years. Though some of the experiments succeeded, on one or two occasions, I was fooled also. But what I found was that a woman’s eyes and expressions can really reveal a lot about her happiness or sadness in life if one is sensitive and wise enough to crack her sacrificing fake smile.

A Real Conversation

Just a couple of weeks back, I was having a discussion with my friend. The topic of the discussion was ‘age difference in marriages’. I was stressing that there shouldn’t be too much of an age difference, not more than 10 years. I believe it’s not good medically but also introduces compatibility issues. Those issues can be related to different thinking patterns, views and more specifically, introducing a kind of a generation gap. One of my friends told me that his great grandma was 25 years younger to his great grandpa. I just asked him a simple question – “How can you say that she was really happy? Is it only because she had children, family and had a smile on her face?”. He didn’t have any answer to my question.

May be I am wrong and she must have had a truly happy life but it is also true that if I am right then she probably sacrificed her happiness just to follow the orders of her parents and willingly accepting it as her destiny. And she did it so convincingly that even her grandchildren today live in an illusion that she was really a happy woman. She lived for everyone except herself. My friend said “She always used to smile” and it was more than enough for me to hit the spot and ask him “Did someone really look into her eyes honestly?” He was quiet.

Some Negatives

It is also true that this beautiful nature of women have gone against them and it somewhere also gave way to social evils like dowry and domestic violence. But as it’s a well-known theory – Everything has negative side effects too.

In today’s materialistic world, a man just tries to conquer a woman’s body. But if you spend a little more time and effort to win and conquer her heart, she will all be yours forever, on every aspect.

Give Her What She Deserves.....

A true woman needs nothing but a mind and a soul that can read her those lovely eyes and step into her heart. She just needs true care, love and respect. Have you all noticed a charm in your mom’s eyes when you kiss her or when you take her out for a dinner or to a date or to a temple? Or at least when you put your head in her lap and ask her to do an oil massage onto your hair? If you didn’t then please do it next time. It will give you the utmost joy.

Now I must stop. If you really liked my thoughts, then today when you get to see your mom, sister, wife or a lover/girlfriend, just look into her eyes silently for one minute and try to read what you couldn’t read till today. I am sure you will find something but if you don’t, then you are the most lucky or successful man in this whole world to give her real happiness of life.

I dedicate this article to my mother, sister-in-law, niece and all my lovely female friends, relatives and sisters.

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