Web Manager

Web Manager is an application for managing the information of your favourite websites in a directory like form. It manages your sites into various categories created by you so that it is always easy for you to find specific information. It uses easy to interact GUI (Graphical User Interface). The picture below is an exact snapshot of the application.

Websites Manager Software
Websites Manager Software

Plus, it has a feature of ‘Convert to HTML’. By executing this command, it can convert all the sites and categories into a proper web directory structure, folders organized properly with ‘index.html’ as it’s main root page.

This software needs Java Runtime Environment to be installed on your system

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The price of the software is only $5 (one time). Please don’t forget to provide your email during checkout process. We will send you the serial key through email. Please also install the software before making a purchase to make sure it works on your system. The software is no longer actively maintained but the developer is willing to make customisations if it solves your basic purpose.