Task Scheduler

Do you have a meeting? Or you want someone to remind you about switching off your Microwave oven in the kitchen while you’re on your computer? Don’t worry, Task Scheduler is here at your service.

This application is a compact software application for reminding about your tasks that you perform on day-to-day basis. You can specify the date, time and the rest it will do on its own.

Another cool feature about this application is that it can also launch programs for you on your computer on a specified time. You just need to specify the path of the file to be executed along with the date and time and it will be executed. This is especially going to be useful for cases like:

  • You want to execute some system cleanup utility at a specific time of the day.
  • You want to launch ‘Notepad’ with a specific file so that you can remind yourself about a particular thing that you noted down.

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