Main Chup Raha

Sometimes in love, one must think for himself. This poem depicts a feeling of true love, conveying that silent love is not always the best.
Miss You

Geet Gata Hu

Even if your life has no meaning to anyone, it belongs to you. Keep singing the song of hope and forgive and forget the people and the past.
Lonely Woman

To Kya Gam Gai

Even if there is nobody to love you, even if you are completely alone, never regret anything and you will get everything you want from life.
Clasped Hands Comforting

Jiye Ja Rahe Hain

Even if you have lost everything in life, even if your heart is broken after passionate love, life goes on and this poem is all about that.
Man Crying In Sunset

Dil Chahta Hai

All of us have a desire to have our love with us but we can't control destiny. In any case, life never stops. This poem is all about it.