SutraDhaar – Daily Sales Tracking Made Easy

SutraDhaar - Daily Sales Tracking Made Easy

SutraDhaar is an app for sales tracking or for anyone who deals with taking sales orders on daily basis but it is more useful for in-field sales representatives. It’s a very basic and simple but usable app that allows the in-field sales people to take orders from retailers/wholesalers and keep a record of it.

Removal of manual work and easy sharing of data

The app is really useful when it comes to preparing the report and sending it to their manager. In a lot of companies in India (especially FMCG companies), this work is done manually. But with this app, it’s all automatic. The user just needs to set the filters (set a particular date/brand etc.) and pick the ‘Export & Email’ option. The report is instantly prepared as an ‘MS Excel’ file which he can email/share on WhatsApp etc. with his manager.

How the app works!

The real requirement for some companies is to have and deploy a low-cost offline order-taking solution which is “SutraDhaar”. The app completely works in “offline mode” and the person doesn’t need to have an active internet connectivity all the time. The connectivity is only needed when he needs to prepare and send the report to his manager.

There is one more exception where the app will need an internet connectivity and that is during the initial setup. Since the app operates offline, you will need to prepare a JSON file and upload it somewhere and then sync it with the app (in the ‘Settings’ screen). This JSON file will have basic master data required for the app to work like brands and products of your company; store types of your company; taxation policy of your country; states and cities of your country etc. The instructions to prepare this JSON file are already there in the app itself.

PS: The “Total Sales” field in “MS Excel” report is computed after taking tax and “Retailer Margin” (comes from your JSON file) into account.

So what are you waiting for? Install the app now and get started!

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