Principles of Life

Spiritual Folded Hands
Spiritual Folded Hands
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The following principles and teaching are conveyed by Late Sri Satya Sai Baba, a well known Sant in India. This is to sure that if one follows these principles and teachings, a person can reach a level where he is above everything that exists.

Ten principles of life

  1. Treat as sacred the land in which you were born. Have Patriotism to your nation – but do not criticize other nations or put others down. Not even in your thoughts or dreams should you think of bringing grief to your country.
  2. Respect all religions equally.
  3. Recognize the brotherhood of man. Treat all as brothers – Love all.
  4. Keep your house and surroundings clean for this will promote hygiene and health and help you.
  5. Practice charity but do not encourage beggars by giving money. Provide them food, clothing, shelter and help them in other ways. (Do not encourage laziness)
  6. Never give a bribe or take a bribe. Never give in to corruption.
  7. Curb envy and jealousy. Expand your vision and outlook. Treat all equal regardless of caste or creed.
  8. Try and do as much as possible by yourself. You may be wealthy and have servants, your servants can help. But service to society must be done personally by yourself.
  9. Have and cultivate “Love for God, fear of sin. Have hatred for sin.”
  10. Never go against the laws of the land.


  • In Seva (Service), you devote all your energy to the task at hand.
  • A life plus desire is man. Life minus desire is God.
  • Meditation is nothing else but rising above desires.
  • Experience Sat-Chit-Ananda through service.
  • Observe the principle of moderation in food habits, work and sleep.
  • Narayan Seva is the seva that is urgent today.
  • God is in you, around you, above you, beside you.
  • Respect all, only then will you earn the grace of divine.
  • All service should come from your heart.
  • Come to me with empty hands. I will fill them with gifts and grace.
  • Life is the car, heart is the key, God is the chauffeur.
  • Education is for life, not for living.
  • Each country is a room in the mansion of God.
  • When you take one step towards God, he will take ten towards you.
  • Pleasure is an interval between two pains.
  • Service to man is the highest form of worship.
  • The only way to immortality is removal of immorality.
  • Man is the spark of divine.
  • God is in all names and forms.
  • God is the only master.
  • Bhakti has to be grown from within by cleansing your mind.
  • The honour of a Nation depends on the morality of that Nation.
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