Password Protected Notepad

NoteBook is a Windows Notepad like application with some enhanced features. It has a feature of saving the text files in PPTF (Password Protected Text Files) format makes it a password protected notepad like application. (I don’t know whether this format extension exists or not. If it exists then it might be a chance of pure co-incidence as I am not aware of it.)

PPTF encrypts your text file with a password given by you. The text file is openly available to the users in ‘Windows Shell’ but no one can read the data as the data is in the encrypted form.

(I must make clear that the encryption is not very strong. It can be broken with some mind effort . Therefore, you should not use the application for high profile data as there is no guarantee whether the data will remain protected or not. On my part, I have tried my best to provide the encryption technique.)

This application also has a feature of auto-save. That means that if you first save a file manually and then switch on the auto-save feature, your file will automatically be saved after a regular time gap of 5 seconds.