Panchkula Mange University


AMAR UJALA organised A SEMINAR on September 4, 2012, at RED BISHOP TOURIST COMPLEX, PANCHKULA. The subject of this seminar was ‘Panchkula Mange University (Panchkula wants a university)’.

Smt. Geeta Bhukkal, Hon’ble Education Minister, Haryana was the chief guest. Besides Panchkula’s MLA, senior persons of other parties and a few prominent people of Panchkula district, Amar Ujala‘s Executive Editor (North) Shri Udai Sinha & Haryana Bureau Chief, Shri Surinder Dhiman were also present. The meeting was a success in many ways.

The mission ‘Panchkula Mange University’, lead by AMAR UJALA, has been going on in Panchkula since July 25, 2012. The mission is based on the demand of the people for setting up a university in the Panchkula district. Signature campaign has also been going to meet 10000 target signatures in favour of this mission. This seminar was organised for knowing the views of honourable ‘Education Minister’ and others on the same.

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