My Skillset

My Skillset is based on 12 years of working experience in different heterogeneous technologies. Although it’s harder for anyone to make an honest assessment about their skills, I have tried to be as much honest as I can in evaluating my skills. Below is the self-assessed rating of each of my skill (out of 100) along with the total experience in terms of the number of years.

Core Experience

Microsoft C# 95%
Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 95%
Microsoft ASP.NET Web API 2 95%
Entity Framework with LINQ 95%
Microsoft SQL Server 75%
0 +
Knockout.js 80%
TFS 75%
GemBox Document/Spreadsheet 85%
Microsoft ASP.NET WebForms 80%
MS Access 75%
SVN 65%
Microsoft VB 6.0/VB.NET 60%
WinForms/WPF 75%
GIT 65%
MySQL 60%
PHP 55%
JAVA 50%
SendGrid API 50%
Twilio API 50%
Xamarin.Forms 75%
WordPress 75%
Joomla 65%
SQLite 60%
Octopus Deploy 50%
AWS Services 50%
S3 55%
Route53 55%
SNS 55%
API Gateway 45%
Lambda 40%
Cognito 35%
CF 25%
Adobe Photoshop 45%
PostGre SQL 35%
Adobe Flash 35%
< 1

Having experience of managing ‘Dedicated Server’

I was responsible for managing more than 50 websites on a dedicated server for 3 years. Also, I was responsible for maintaining secret information like passwords and access keys for more than 100 accounts, their FTP’s, domain administration panels etc. I did all client management using Plesk Control Panel. This also included the installation and usage of authorised SSL certificates on a server. The server was Windows based having Windows Server 2008 as its OS.

Team Management

Managing teams and people is one of the interesting challenges to face and I do have experience dealing with that challenge. I have managed relatively small teams for one company as well as multiple companies by playing the role of a project manager between the clients at one end and developers/designers of multiple companies at the other end.