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iMusicTuition is a basic music tutorial app. This app is useful for those who are interested to learn Indian/Carnatic classical music but are not able to find a teacher. This is usually the case with those people who are non-Indian residents and thus, finding a teacher or training courses/lessons to learn music online is the only option left to them. This app is also useful for those students who are beginning to learn Indian classical music. This app is useful even for the novice classical music listeners and they will have a better understanding of classical/semi-classical/Hindi singers and instrumental/vocal songs.

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Purpose of the app

The purpose of this app is not to make you an expert in Indian classical music. But the purpose is to introduce you to the basic concepts of Indian classical music so that:

  • You start to understand ‘Indian Classical Music’ in more depth and will enjoy it more while listening to various classical singers.
  • You will be in a better position to start professional training with a professional teacher if you have gone through all the chapters of this app.

Structure of the app

The app is divided into 10 chapters. Each chapter comprises of written content accompanied by musical samples (sung by the developer himself) and sometimes images for illustrations. These chapters are scattered through 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level ends with an introduction to 5 different Ragas.

The ‘Beginner’ level comprises of the first four chapters. These chapters introduce you to the basic concepts of classical music. This level talks about the following concepts:

  • Shruti
  • Swara & its forms
  • Saptak & its types
  • Raga and its components
  • Alankaar, Alaap, Taan
  • Aaroh & Avroh
  • Thaat, Jaati, Laya
  • Taal and its types and components
  • Introduction to Ragas: Bhupali, Brindavani Sarang, Des, BeemPalasi, Baageshri

The ‘Intermediate’ level has the next three chapters. These chapters introduce you to some deeper concepts of classical music. This level discusses the following concepts:

  • Various styles of singing
  • Khayal Gayan and its types
  • Taanpura: Its parts and learning about how to tune it
  • Pattern Making: Introduction; Logic behind it and its numerical representation; It’s descending form; all explained with some sample patterns
  • Introduction to Ragas: Jaunpuri, Hameer, Deshkar, Shankra, Jaijaiwanti

The ‘Advanced’ level contains the last three chapters. These chapters introduce you to a few advanced concepts of classical music. This level covers the following concepts:

  • Tirobhav-Avirbhav & its characteristics
  • Singing styles other than Khayal – Dhrupad, Dhamar, Taraana and Bhajan
  • Process of writing a taal in different speeds
  • Introduction to Ragas: Puriya-Dhanashri, Miyan-Malhaar, Vibhaas, Gaur-Malhaar, Todi
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