Free Scripts

During my early days of programming (2003-2006), I wrote some simple while some complex programs. With the hope that they may help others, I am sharing these programs with the world. These scripts are free for everyone to use but if any part of code references any third-party library, then their license may apply as per the comments in their code respectively. Please also note that these scripts are amateur in nature and are not to be used professionally.

Application Scripts

Media Player In Visual Basic 6.0

As the name describes, Media Player is a small script for making a basic Media Player. This script makes a Media Player which shows you how to make a feature of enabling the user to make a playlist of the name of his choice, save it to the disk and then loading again when the media player loads.


Small Script In VB 6.0 For Calculating Time Difference Manually

As the name tells it all, Time Difference is a small but very useful script for beginners. This project calculates the difference between two specified times and then counts the difference until the difference is 0. In short, it is like a timer. But the main thing in this is that it doesn’t use any of the time related VB functions. Everything is manually written. Although the script is lengthy, but it is clear.


COMNET (Common Networking)

comNet means ‘Common Networking’. This application enables multiple users to communicate with a common database at the same time. Users can make the changes, add or delete new entries at the same time and the changes are automatically updated on their application grid that contains the data. The best thing about this project is that it doesn’t use any third party networking drivers. It operates without RmiJDBC or any other driver. It has two application parts i.e. Server and the Client. Before you start working, you need to switch on the server application. Server is the main application here. It performs all the operations as all the clients are connected to it and send or receive requests to or from it. The database on which you want to work should be placed in the same directory as the server application.

How it works!!

Now, some notes about how it works: It is basically a command based system where every command has been written by me. The client sends a command to the server in a formatted text string. I had to design a common format for this string so that both server and client are able to read and process it. Below is an example of an add new command which the clients send to the server for adding new entries to the database.

Note: In the following examples, I assume that we are having a table named ‘Book’ in the database with two columns namely ‘Name’ and ‘Age’.

For Adding New Entries.

ADDNEW: INSERT INTO Book ([Name],[Age]) values ('John','21')

ADDROW: [Book] ('John', '21')

The above command when sent to the server is processed in various cycles. Firstly, the server divides the command into two parts:

ADDNEW: INSERT INTO Book ([Name],[Age]) values ('John','21')

ADDROW: [Book] ( ‘John’,’21′)

The first command is for adding entry to database and the second one to update the display which is in the form of a grid.

All the commands follow the same convention as above with the exception of different parameters regarding different operations. The first command is always for doing something on the database i.e. adding, deleting or modifying data and the second command is always to do something with the data display.

With the first command, first six letters define what to do i.e. for adding new entry to the database, ‘ADDNEW’ is prefixed. Similarly, ‘EDITIT’ is prefixed for editing; ‘DELETE’ is prefixed for deleting; ‘FLDSNM’ is prefixed for getting the names of the fields; ‘GETALL’ is prefixed for getting all the data in the database etc.

You will have to go through the code thoroughly to see all other commands and the ways in which they are executed.


Master Of Inventory - Full Inventory Software In VB 6.0

This program has a potential of being a full-fledged software but due to lack of proper knowledge in the early phases of my learning, I left some issues and couldn’t return to them later as I went on to improve my skills and then started doing jobs for more professional experience. But even then I am sharing this program with its source code so that you can see and get an idea of a full software to manage all stock management requirements. This program has a bunch of features for every minute information storage and retrieval.

The key features of this software are:

  • Identification of every item by a picture set up by the user.
  • Division and sub-division of the entire stock into categories and sub-categories.
  • Every aspect of the information is purely in the hands of the user i.e. functions like adding a category, deleting a category, renaming a category, adding user-defined fields and manage them etc.
  • Two type queries for fast searches. One type enables you to search for any product within a current open category and the other type allows you to search for any information throughout the whole inventory data.
  • Automatic term-end notification.
  • Generating total value of the stock at the click of a button.
  • Generation of print in Microsoft Word at the click of a button.
  • Generation of a web page containing the current open data at the click of a button.
  • Two types of backups: File Backup & Paper Backup. File backup is a backup format which the software reads and understands and uses to make and restore data. Paper backup, on the other hand, is a special feature which enables you to prepare the Microsoft Word documents of all the inventory data backup at the click of a button.
  • Password protection.


Sales/Purchase Spectrum - Full Sales/Purchase Management Software In VB 6.0

Sales/Purchase Spectrum is almost a complete and a functional software. It is an application designed for the people who make day-to-day transactions. This application keeps track of all the details of your transactions and you can do deep analyses with that data. You can analyze the data in the following ways:

  • Sales/Purchase between different periods of time (e.g. in a month, week, whole financial year or between two specified days.
  • Make comparisons between Sales and Purchase through Graphical Presentation of data.
  • Check how much sales have been made to which customer and how much purchases from which supplier.

Besides these data analysis features, there are some extra features like:

  • Making Data Backup and restoring the same.
  • Making your own companies for keeping separate data details for separate companies.
  • Password protection for the companies.
  • Automatic reminders for the debtors from whom payment is yet to be received and creditors to whom payment is yet to be paid.
  • An extra feature for enhanced security (Delayed Password Acceptance, you can find more in the source code attached).


Game of Bricks

You must have played a game of bricks where you have a dragging handle at the bottom of the screen and you have to prevent the ball from falling down and at the same time, bursting the bricks laid down at the top. This script is a small sample script to make the same in VB 6.0.


Tic Tac Toe

As the name suggests, this is a simple script but having a complete game of Tic-Tac-Toe programmed in VB 6.0.


Master Search

Master Search was a small experimental search page in which the search keywords are entered on four major search engines together and their results get displayed on a single page. As an experiment, I also developed a toolbar for it as displayed in the image below:

Master Search Toolbar

Master Search Toolbar

You can download the whole source code. The page is coded in PHP while the toolbar is coded in C#.


E-Cards Website

You must have sent e-cards to your friends and relatives through This is a sample code that demonstrates a simple website for sending e-cards. This website has simple basic features like creation of categories, occassions, uploading of cards, sending and receiving cards etc. The database backup file is in the DB folder. You will need phpMyAdmin to restore the database to your MySQL server’s instance.


Scripts For Students

I was a BCA/MCA student from IGNOU a few years back and wrote many programs myself in different languages while researched and found others for reference on the internet. So I thought to share my collected stuff so that other students can benefit from the time spent by me. These scripts may help the students in understanding the concerned subject in a better way.

Below is a collection of some programs for you to download. The programs are packaged in zip files.

Linux/Unix Shell Scripts

This zip archive contains different shell scripts that cover topics like:

  • Sorting algorithms
  • Searching algorithms
  • Number system conversions (like decimal to binary, binary to hexadecimal etc)
  • Many other basic programs like generating Fibonacci series, reversing the number, determine if a string is a palindrome or not,  GCD and LCM, searching for patterns in a string etc.


Networking Scripts In C (TCP/UDP In Shell Scripting)

Networking programs in C and that also in Unix shell scripting are harder to develop and test by graduation students. Here are some programs that might help you. The programs include a simple client/server program, programs to show the usage of some build-in networking functions, programs containing routing related algorithm, TCP and UDP protocol based programs etc.


C++ Programs

Download a set of C++ programs having programs like adding two polynomials, stacks, queues, searching sub-strings in a string etc.


Core Java Programs

This archive has a lots of programs in Core Java. Programs include basic programs in Java, UI layout demos, Applet based programs, streams’ samples etc.


Advanced Java Programs

Advanced Java includes concepts like Java beans, Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets etc. This archive includes a few programs on Advanced Java.


OpenGL Programs

Learning graphics is fun. But making graphics in a programming language is not trivial. It needs a lot of concentration and hard work. And when its done in a language like C++, it becomes more tedious. This archive has a few programs which might help you in understanding the concept of graphics in C++ using OpenGL.