Man Sitting Alone On A Window

Bigde Hue Halaat Hain

No one is with you and you're left alone. The worst thing is that you don't even know why is that happening with you. This poem is all about that feeling.
Forgive And Forget

Ho Sake To Mujhe Maaf Kardo

The irony of life is such that we always hurt the person we love the most. But true apology can sometimes save a relationship. This poem says it all.
Lonely Man Standing On Sea Shore

Tum Nahi Thi

Missing someone? This poem will definitely relate to you if you have ever been with someone special in your life but they are no longer part of your life.
Leaf In A Book

Mixed Poetry

If you like to read/listen short poetry/quotes, then this page is for you. It has some "two liners/four liners" written by me. Hope you like them!
Couple Together

Ek Shakhs Mila

Somtimes it takes no time to realize that you have met the love of your life you want to spend your entire life with. This poem is all about that feeling.
Beautiful Angel At Sunset

Meri Pyaari Pari

"Meri Pyaari Pari" meaning "My lovely angel" and each word of this poem goes deeper into describing the lovely angel in the imagination of the poet.
Couple Holding Hands On Beach

Kuch Baat Hogi

All of us have an image or description of our potential life partner or lover. This poem describes one such image from the perspective of the poet.

Main Chup Raha

Sometimes in love, one must think for himself. This poem depicts a feeling of true love, conveying that silent love is not always the best.
Poor Farmer

Teri Meri Ek Hi Pehchaan

This poem directly relates to the disparity in the social and economic levels of different sections of the people that is prevalent in many countries.