Girl In Tears

Ye Aansu Piye Ja Raha Hu

When you are disheartened or depressed, you feel like crying alone. This poem brings out that feeling of a human in a prominent way.
Couple Romancing

Tum Mere Dil Me Rehti Ho

The one you love lives in your heart. You can do anything, even leave her for her happiness. This poem reflects the same kind of feeling.
Smiling Father Daughter


Smile makes you pretty. There are a number of reasons to smile in life which we just ignore. This poem tries to bring your smile back.
Girl With Sadness & Loneliness


Nobody wants to experience the feeling of loneliness. This poem presents the intricacies of the feeling of loneliness.
Rajasthani Folk in India

Bharat – Ek Bhavnatmak Rishta

'Bharat' is India's original name and the name 'India' was given to her by Britishers. This poem is about calling her as 'Bharat' in every language.
Family Love

Kya Yahi Pyaar Hai

Is loving your lover the only form of love. Is love not present in any other form? This poem tries to find as to what is the true essence of love.
Man On Wheelchair At The Beach

Kyonki Hun Main Ek Apahij

Have you ever met a person with any kind of disability? If yes, did you understand their emotions? If no, then this poem will help you in doing the same.
Faith and Meditation

Jeevan Aur Maut Me Antar

Is life better than death or is it the opposite? This poem tries to find an answer to the dilemma of 'Life vs Death'.